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Pitstock support questions & answers.

  • Jan: Hi Kiwi,
    I love your chart program! I noticed something, and am wondering if there's an adjustment I don't know about. The sliding MA is not "reading" the same as any of my other charts. Say I am viewing ^IXIC, and I click down to 5 DMA - the reading is different than any of my other charts. StockCharts & ProphetCharts say 5 SMA 2009.16 (or 5 EMA 2008.88) - Pitstock Chart says about 2035 (according to the Cursor Tracking). So far, I've tested to see if the discrepancy has anything to do with log vs. linear, or SMA vs EMA, but I don't think so. Can you enlighten me?

  • Kiwi:
    The Ma is a simple Ma using OPEN prices for the calculation. I use open prices for trading systems...this way the Ma wont change value during the course of the day. E.G. you get a buy signal at the open (this cannot change)
    Using a closing price that Buy signal could disapear as the day unfolds.
    Note: Ma changes color when stock OPENS above or below Ma.
    I will add option to use the close prices later for you.

  • Jan:
    Also, how do you run the Candle Scan? I bring up the Candle Scanner, choose a Sector, and hit "Scan List", but the only thing that comes up is ITWO with a 'marubozo down', but that isn't the candle that ITWO ended with today. What am I doing wrong, or not doing?
    Thanks for letting me check this out!

  • Kiwi:
    To do a candle scan update the whole list of stocks before scanning. There are some data bugs that may give you the odd wrong candle. But overall scan should be fine.
    ITWO didnt come up when I scanned 20 mins after the bell
    I obviously I have a lot more programming to do.

  • Washoe:
    If you were to take your trend line program, extend the lines in the direction of the trend, then back test for average top edge to lower edge for at least one year, then project it forward in the trend line channel should you not get a most probable buy/sell signal and time frame for two cycles, regardless of where the index is headed for swing trading any stock ? you stated the other that you had a trading program but could not factor in the commision and make it work, why is that ? I would think that would that would only be a function of number of shares traded per trade.....Keep up the good work.
  • Kiwi:
    The commission math is very simple...the point I made is the best systems I tested (*thoroughly) could only make enough to pay the commissions.When I get my auto trendline code done I will start plans for next stages. I figure I have messed round on the website enough for now. So its back to working on my auto trendline code, which I have to redo from scratch now because I am changing the format for easier faster calculation.
    When the auto trendline code is completed we can look at how to back test it (like the cycles you described or other scenarios).Thanks you for your interest and input. P.S. The auto trendline code is tricky as hell.
    (*thoroughly: I could write a whole chapter just on this.)

If you have any questions email us Dals68Kiwi@Aol.Com

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