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Welcome to the Pitstock Chart Pattern Education Center

There's a reason why has made it a priority to identify chart patterns with Kiwilines. It is well known and documented by many authors (Curtis Arnold's PPS Book or Edwards and McGee's several books on chart patterns) that some of the biggest moves in trading history have come from these patterns.
Our Goal is to teach you our perception of these patterns and also how to identify patterns that can assist you in your personal trading decisions.

Before you go and jump in you need to know a few things that some chart pattern traders over look. For example lets say you have found the perfect bullish pattern. Should you blindly jump in and go long? No of course not. Bullish patterns are MUCH more reliable if the overall market is bullish. You should first decide where the over all market is.

Another example, lets say you have found the perfect bullish pattern, the trend line has just been broken and the over all market appears to be bullish. Should you again jump in and go long? This is where the smart or experienced trader will look for a second reason or a confirmation on the signal. Confirmations can be things like the price gapping over the trend line on big volume. Is the stock more active today?

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