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Kiwi Lines
"Just what are they ?"

  • We are pleased to announce we are one off the first software developers to develop fully automatic trend lines.You just click the button and our software draws the best mathematic fit it can find.

  • this is what the kiwi line button looks likeThey are trend lines constructed by a complex math formula.What the formula tries to determine is "the best fitting line of the moment in time"
  • kiwilines and score boxsThe "score" value (the box with the number in it by the trendline) is an Error output, this means that Zero is a perfect trend line (no error) and 3,000 is a bad trend line because it has a large error. As this is VERY new, the score formula is not an exact science. Until we perfect this formula scores are more of an approximate value than an exact value. Please be patient while we get this score tolerence improved.

Trend Lines
"How can I trade them ? "

There are basically two ways to play trend lines.

  • bounce buy in channelYou can play the range inside the lines. This is called swing trading. You hold stocks from 2 to 14 days in most swing trades. You should make sure the range offers you the risk / reward that you desire. Stop losses are nomally set at or above the support line (if you were long).
  • gap and drop from triangleYou can play outside the lines.These are called break away or break out trades. Gaps make break away trades better quality, especially if the prices gap through the trend line. Remember bigger gaps mean you missed some of the move (more risk to enter).
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