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Pitstock Chart Features.

  • Auto Trend Lines or KiwiLines - Fully automatic trend lines to help you decide where the support and resistance levels are.Also helps find Chart Patterns of interest too.
Auto Trend Lines here.....

  • Gap Scanner - Scan for Gaps in the daily charts. Scan includes Pre-Market, After-Market and Todays Gaps.
Scan for gaps

  • Candle Scanner - Scan for different candle types. Included are Marobuzo's, Hammers, Special Doji's and more.
Scan Candles

Down Load Pitstock Charts Now

  • Chart Types - Bar charts (open high low close), Classic Japanese Candle charts, Line Charts (closing prices).
Bars, Candles and  Line Charts

  • Screen Shots - See pictures of what the chart application looks like.

  • Volume with Flags - green/red colored flags on the volume bars which we call "volume flags" are volume that is over 150 percent 30 day average volume.
Volume Flags

Candle Chart Sample.

See the "hammer " candle the day before the big white bar

Sample Bar Chart

See Broadcom ( BRCM ) take a 'haircut'after a gap through a 6 month trendline

We are working on many products.

A huge list of new features are on they way and of course a huge list means a big amount of time too.

If you have any questions email us Support@Pitstock.Com

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