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#Pitstock Java Chat-Room "over 200 regular users"

  • To visit our #pitstock daytrading chatroom right now enter...

  • Your Nickname:  

The lascone - talking about the stocks !!!

#Pitstock Mirc Chat-Room

  • mIRC Home Page - For longer term enjoyment we recomend you download mIRC. mIRC is a chat-room progam that you can download. Its free and its very good.
mIRC's home page
  • To connect to othernets server type this into mircs text box. /Server . This should connect you to the server.
  • Once you are connected type /join #Pitstock into the text entry box at the bottom of the mirc program.
  • If you have any problems getting this set up, join our chat-room with the Java option(as above) then ask for help. We have many members there to help you 24 hours a day.
  • Othernet Home Page - Visit the official othernet website (best viewed in internet explorers above 4.1). Here you will find information all about their service. We vote as the top IRC financial chat network in the world. Not only is it reliable but it has a great collection of users and support staff.
Othernet's home page
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