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  • Pitstock Charting Software - Now featuring automatic trend lines. Online stock charting application in beta stage testing.It features good quality daily charts at very fast speeds. Click on this link to view screens shots and software information. If you would like to try it for free then click the download section in the products area.
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  • Chart Patterns - There's a reason why has made it a priority to identify chart patterns with Kiwilines. It is well known and documented by many authors (Curtis Arnold's PPS Book or Edwards and McGee's several books on chart patterns) that some of the biggest moves in trading history have come from these patterns.
learn about chart patterns
  • #Pitstock Chat-Room Page - Join one of the hottest chat forums on the Internet (100% free). Loads of real-time information flowing in to help you make your decisions in the market. Constant News, Quotes and market events. They even have a really neat stock robot.
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  • Pitstock Software Support Club - A place for pitstock stock chart users to share information about the application. All your charting questions can be asked here. There are plenty of seasoned users who can share help with you. Also find out whats coming up in future releases.
  • Yahoo-Traders Club - For traders that like fast action, We established the Yahoo-Traders club (yhoo was once a very fast mover ) It is a place where traders come to share their experiences in the stock market . We also use this forum to distribute a weekly newsletter, you will receive it by Sunday so you will have something to assist you through the week. Our chatroom is a place where you can speak to other traders live each day. We offer trading advice as well as software support. So whether you visit Pitstock or Yahoo-Traders, you can expect the most from our honest team.
  • Home Page - Finally a new place where Greek traders can find what they are looking for. Grtraders is currently under development. Visit us for a sneak preview of what's in store.
  • #Ellada Java Chat-Room Page - Join one of the first GREEK chat forums on the Internet (100% free). concentration on real-time information to help you make your decisions in the market. Concentration on real-time information to help you make your decisions in the market. New Quotes and information.
  • Othernet Home Page - Visit the official Othernet website (best viewed in Internet Explorers above 4.1). Here you will find information all about their service. We vote as the top IRC Financial chat network in the world. Not only is it reliable, but it has a great collection of users and support staff.
othernet's IRC web site
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